Pentall is a publising house in which writers are founded by the first people concerned : the readers.


MSC Nari is a pool of European writers recognized in the profession and with over 20 years of experiences.


MSA Plis is surrounded by a lot of talented people. We are currently working on 2 major projects to change your future !

A powerful tool to help you manage your campagns



We communicate around the values of your brand not only about your products.
Indeed, your brand is more powerful than your product and we are here to amplify it.


Our creation are dedicated to your brand, and they are created for you, with you. Either it is a TV Show, a movie, an animated movie, a book, a comic, a thriller or a mobile game, you can choose the writers you want.


Thanks to our experience and our partnerships with international corporations, we are present on every continent.
We also can promote your creation so that your CPM is among the lowest on the market.


In addition of acquiring an original and entertaining creation, your clients can win prices (like vouchers).
To promote your creation, games are organized around it and fill the gap between the creation and your product.


What if your communication could finally earn you some money ?
Either it is a TV Show, a book or a movie, you are assimilated to a publisher / producer. Dans ce sens, votre communication peut devenir une source de revenu supplémentaire.


Thanks to our custom CRM tool, you can get : a sales / use ratio, geo-located statistics to target your clients, transfer earning to your bank account and so much more.


Your communication stays for life.
Unlike TV commercials, displays, Radio commercials which are temporary, our concept allows you to be permanent : we create a product that last.


In conclusion, we create an original work, dedicated to your brand or your customers, this is truly a win-win situation. With one of the lowest existing CPM for a lifetime period, MS Mark is the advertising agency of the future.



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